#Devops is the collaboration of the development and operations teams in IT organizations to improve efficiency and increase the speed of development among other things. If you are interested in knowing more about DevOps and its advantages, we have an entire article dedicated to the topic of Why DevOps is important

But first, let us look at where the concept stems from.

DevOps, recent history?

DevOps was the brainchild of Patrick Debois. Patrick wanted to learn IT from every perspective possible. In 2007, while he was working in charge of testing a large data center migration project, he had to encounter the tedious process of going back and forth with the development and testing silos. It was too time-consuming and the divide between the two departments was huge.

Credits: Jack Caine

Later in 2009, Patrick stumbled upon a talk entitled “10+ Deploys a day: Dev and Ops cooperation at Flickr” and instantly came to the realization that it was what he was searching for. As a result, he decided to band together a group of developers and administrators to further discuss the topic. Naming the event DevOpsDays, it garnered the attention of people all over the internet and soon after, numerous enterprises started to embrace the idea of DevOps resulting from the conference.

DevOps History. 2007: Patrick Debois, encounters  link-up  issues between  the Dev and Ops Teams in one of his projects. 2009: Patrick stumbles upon the talk "10+ Deploys a Day:  Dev and Ops Cooperation at Flickr"​. later in 2009:DevOpsDays Conference in  Belgium saw DevOps popularised  for the first time. 2011:Agile Techniques like scrum became more pervasive. 2015: Cloud Service Providers like Amazon and Azure started providing DevOps Tools. Present Day:Organizations and teams  continue to adopt DevOps  practices and tools. DevOps  market set to exceed 20Bn

Since the inception of DevOps in 2007-2008, it has multiplied while being adopted by companies like Amazon, Netflix, and Adobe to name a few.

In 2014, more than 16% of all organizations have contributed to the growth of DevOps, proceeding to reach 27% in 2018.

Now you might wonder why this story is relevant. It’s because it is not another ordinary history lesson.

It is important to know where DevOps comes from so that we can know how DevOps is still standing strong even after a decade after Patricks’s conference. The idea was born from the mind of developers, testers, and operation leaders who wanted to discuss the concerns about their industry and propose solutions on how to best get work accomplished. It was made possible by the people whom it intended to help.

Delivery of business value to an organization’s end customers is encouraged through the DevOps methodology in a faster, better, and more secure way. This value could take the shape of more regular product releases, features, or updates. It may have to do with how rapidly a product is made available to clients or a new feature is introduced, all while maintaining the required standards of quality and security. Alternatively, it might concentrate on how soon a problem or flaw is found, fixed, and then re-released.

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History of DevOps

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