If you work in the field of Information Technology, then the term DevOps might not be unfamiliar to you. When you think about it, joining a company’s development and operations team is a surefire way of increasing productivity. But how much does it increase? What are the other benefits? And how reliable is it? These are some of the questions that we should look into.

Before why let’s start with what!!

As we mentioned earlier, DevOps is an approach in IT industries where the resources of the development and the operations teams are shared with each other resulting in improved delivery speed of IT products. The conjoined effort between the 2 departments can help companies to bridge the delay between development, testing, and deployment. These advantages of DevOps have invited more than a few companies to adopt the practice.

Why DevOps?

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Results from the 2021 state of DevOps report state that 83% of IT decision-makers implement DevOps practices and the highly evolved DevOps teams have shown better performance across deploying to production on demand, reporting change lead times and mean times to recover under one hour, and change fail rates under five percent.

Reliability is another important aspect when it comes to implementing new practices. Since DevOps utilizes the methodology for continuous integration and continuous delivery, it provides a positive experience for end users while dramatically decreasing downtime.

Some of the main KPIs of DevOps Include  Reduction in failed deployments, Increased frequency of deployments, Improved uptime and improved Application performance

While on the topic of advantages, Some important KPIs of DevOps include

·        Reduction in failed deployments

·        Increased frequency of deployments

·        Improved uptime

·        Application performance

The above-mentioned indicators are just a few of the plethora of advantages the process provides over traditional practices. DevOps is a kind of process that’s dedicated to continuous improvement, transparency, and collaboration. The goal is to not focus on individual processes, but rather on the continuous workflow from the initial idea to the end product or functionality.

But ultimately, it all comes down to how the industry sees the process. And the literature states that almost all companies are taking advantage of the DevOps processes and implementing it rapidly.

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Why DevOps is Important!

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