Web development is one of the most essential services that are in demand around the world. The number of tools available for executing this is immense. So it all comes down to which software, platform, or toolkit companies are comfortable using. Here, let us look at how #flutter can help companies grow cost-effectively and how 4Labs Technologies can help your company adopt a cost-effective approach to development.

Introduction to Flutter

Flutter is an open-source framework from google, that is used to create natively compiled, multi-platform applications from a single codebase. Flutter web however is used to build Progressive web apps (#pwa) or Single Page Applications (SPAs) on the web. The thing that makes Flutter interesting is its versatility, with it being a complete SDK( software development kit), Flutter has all the tools and libraries in and of itself. So there is no reason for developers to scourge additional toolkits to execute tasks.

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One of the most impressive things about Flutter is that it is easier to implement than other cross-platform software like #react Native and #cordova. Since React Native and Cordova are separate applications that run inside a browser, Flutter for web builds native applications on a device You don’t need to learn an entirely new language or framework to make the web app. But if you know #Javascript#css, and #html, you can leverage your existing knowledge to create high-quality apps since flutter for web uses all of the same and it’s easy to integrate with existing codebases.

Flutter Now!

Being a fairly new software to the market, launched in December of 2018, Flutter has garnered enough attention from the industry that it is placed in the list of one of the most followed software repositories in the world. This is enough evidence to know the importance of Flutter in the software development industry. It also showcases the need for applications that have a single codebase and are capable of developing high-quality multi-platform apps.

If we look at the data from 2021 we can see that Flutter is being used by 42 percent of developers in creating high-quality web development applications. This is mainly because flutter is open source which makes it the default choice for developers as they can have plenty of support from #dart (the coding language used in Flutter) communities all over the world.  And also being backed by google guarantees long-term support for this software. Bug fixes will be updated regularly and the product will keep developing in the long run.

Flutter has been implemented by many large businesses for creating their apps. #toyota#bmw, and #etsy to name a few. The SDK is best suited for the startup ecosystem since it’s cost-effective, feature-rich, open-source, and easy to adapt to. 

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#alibaba group is one of the most recognizable names in the e-commerce industry that makes use of the Flutter framework. #Tizen is another company that has created multiple open-source packages that aim at bringing Flutter to devices that Tizen powers. Mainly focusing on #IoT devices, these companies make use of the portable power offered by the Flutter framework to create innovative products.

These are all examples of companies making use of the functionalities offered by Flutter to build a progressive, up-to-date, and yet, cost-effective system for their businesses. Even Fortune 500 companies have started endeavoring into this space to better understand and utilize it. 

Where do we come in?

What we at 4Labs Technologies do is help make the development aspect of a business feasible for companies. Since Flutter has a lot of inbuilt services, it takes the workload off of developers so that the maintenance of the app can be done by very few devs, say 2 or 3. This low requirement aids in cutting costs for the company and is practical for every company to adopt. This is also why 4Labs has strived to set up one of the best teams in Flutter development.

Companies like those mentioned above make use of the functionalities that Flutter offers to the fullest. And to further enhance the output quality and cut costs, they turn to offshore service providers like 4Labs to get high-quality and cost-effective results. The number of #uiuxdesign devs in India is astonishing and in that, and numerous devs use flutter for creating web apps. We at 4Labs have extensive experience in implementing apps that provide consistent results to our clients by making use of the perks of Flutter to the fullest.

4Labs Technologies has a development team dedicated to working towards improving business efficiency and productivity, therefore the time required for deployment can be cut down to the minimum. The time zone differences are an added advantage since it offers businesses the liberty to use the vast pool of resources whenever needed. We at 4Labs have experience working for companies in multiple time zones and are used to the whole package (setbacks and advantages) it offers. 

So if you need a service provider to take care of your development requirements using Flutter, do deployments regularly and produce results consistently, 4Labs is your answer.

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Flutter. The Next Big Thing?

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