If you know software development, then you know what testing is. If you don’t, let us enlighten you.

Every software development team has to test its product before rolling it out, to weed out any defects in the final product. Traditionally this is done by an individual sitting in front of the program and monitoring tasks step by step, and trying out different use cases MANUALLY. So naturally, it takes a long time and some errors can go undetected.

This is where test automation comes in. Not only does it reduces the time taken to test the product. It almost always detects the maximum number of bugs in the product.

Key Advantages

Apart from the above-mentioned advantage, test automation can also help enterprises to:

  • Improve delivery time and efficiency

Test automation helps companies deliver products faster. Since automated tests can be run repeatedly, the development speed increases. This means that products can be released more frequently and changes to the product can be done quickly.

  • Reduction in business expenses

Automated testing requires lesser resources than manual testing. That over the course of a whole project can save the company a lot of money.

The key advantages of test automation are: - Improve delivery time and efficiency, - Reduction in business expenses, - Better test accuracy, - Reduced feedback time, - Test reusability, - Improve morale of the QA team
  • Better test accuracy

Automated testing is free from human error and therefore you can get error-free and accurate test results most of the time.

  • Reduced feedback time

Instant feedback is another important aspect of test automation. Developers can react quickly to faults in the system since they get reports instantly. When your product is online, the automated tests can find out bugs in the system quickly and they can be addressed efficiently as possible.

  • Test reusability

Implementing an automated testing suite is resource intensive. But it’s pretty much smooth sailing after that. Once the test parameters are defined, they can be used for other use cases also.

  • Improves the morale of the QA team

Automating testing processes can take a lot of workload off of the QA team. Eliminating the repetitive process of testing can allow the team to focus on more important aspects of development and also boost productivity overall.

Overall, the ROI test automation brings in is huge. The process improves the quality of deliverables, increases customer retention, and generates much higher revenue.

You should not miss out on this opportunity to streamline your workflow and improve your product quality. Even though the initial setup costs of automation systems are high, the returns are exceptionally high in the long run.

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The benefits of Test Automation

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